Hotel Symbiogenesis (WIP for DDW 2020)

Speculative crafts. This project aims to run a conceptual hotel (themed exhibition) during Dutch Design Week 2020. What it tries to communicate to its audience is a story of an island in the near-apocalyptic future, in which various animal species, including humans, coexist symbiotically. The exhibition presents a collection of artifacts that are made of fur and leather of the fictional animals.The program rethinks the human-nonhuman animal relationships by questioning how we’ve been valuing animal-derived clothing material. What we consume is not only the protein fiber and skin tissue but also the tales of the animals. We invite our guests to a hotel on the island, provide a collection of sensorial performative experiences using the resident’s artifacts, and eventually raise critical questions on the anthropocentric relationships we’ve been making with nonhumans and the planet. 

Working with Chun Mee Lee Rattan Furniture & Craft Atelier Singapore. 

6. workshop space.JPG
8. gradient warp.JPG
1. rattan workshop.JPG
3. dicussing design with rattan man.JPG