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Meaningful Deconstruction
Winner of Jury Prize in collaboration with petit h, Hermes


Meaningful Deconstruction is a series of deconstructed & reconstructed textiles that uses leftover scarves from the production process as an example, to reframe how designers upcycle objects & how consumers value the upcycled outcome. We lose many objects during the production process; a complete scarf with one pulled thread or an unnoticeable misprint. As more objects are birthed into this world, we are confronted with the choice between obtaining new pieces or appreciating existing objects. Can we extend the life cycle of these objects by seeking within the material itself?



Through the knowledge of slowness, tenderness & cultural craft know-hows embedded within its upcycling process, the material retains the quality of its original production. As a result, revealing new properties of the material that can expand the possibilities of what it can become. By adding the timestamp of each deconstructive method, these various techniques can be combined and reapplied accordingly to other forms of leftover textiles. If we were to curate respectful rituals for the objects, our relationship with the material world can become more emotionally-durable.

I welcome you to read the accompanying manifesto.


Anabel Unravelling the carre entry photo.jpg
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