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An adjustable desk organiser using the waste of the timber industry, raw broken wood. 

In collaboration with Atelier NL.
The transference of this great monumental aspect of a living tree into its wooden form through retaining its natural textures. I wanted to appreciate the disregarded beauty within the raw textures of nature. This defies the way a tree is treated industrially during the transformation to timber. Through the meditative treatment of cutting and sanding every individual piece, I made a conscious choice to retain the very texture that would have been immediately sanded away in the timber industry.

I began this journey by exploring the impact of the breaking points as the tree becomes wood. I began to realise that I saw landscapes within these textures. I saw Mars. I drew aesthetic similarities between the two landscapes, Mars and the tree. But also this otherworldly and ethereal feeling. The disbelief that is associated to the beauty within broken wood.

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