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Spiced Carpets is a set of two carpets that were silkscreened and dyed with natural spices. In a world of fast fashion and mass synthetic production, we lose a certain connection to the objects and the colours that define our homes. Through this act of spice dyeing, colours and objects manifest a powerful connection to the earth and ourselves. The spice dye also creates a sensorial experience connected to the creation of a colour.

Having researched on the traditional craft and ritualistic act of dyeing monk robes in Tibetan Buddhism, I adopted the technique of layering natural spices to create an array of warm earthy tones. It was said that due to the different indigenous plants that were used to dye monk robes in the past, this constituted to each Buddhist sect having different colored robes. For example, the dull yellow colour often seen in Thailand is achieved by dyeing with the spice, turmeric.

The slow process of layering the different spices allows one to reconnect to this ritualistic approach of living. Having lived within a fast pace and hyperconnected society in Singapore, rituals have become obsolete. Rituals that inculcate stability and a certain pace of life have been disregarded. Hence, the process of creating these colours and carpets sets as a reminder to slow down and value more. The vibrant colours obtained from these raw natural materials allow us to treasure a forgotten traditional craft. 

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