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Anabel is the co-founder of UNCOLOUR Studios. 

UNCOLOUR Studios is textile innovations start-up developing the first biodegradable and bio-based silk screen printing ink derived from natural colours found in the food and agricultural industry.

Our natural pigments come from varied sources, such as marigold pigment from discarded flower offerings in Hindu temples.

With the expertise of our in-house chemist combined and our extensive textile design and industry knowledge, UNCOLOUR has developed a unique binder formula that can be combined with natural pigments.

UNCOLOUR Studios is in active collaboration with industry partners, Lottozero textile lab, Sodhani Biotech, EXBERRY and AcrilNova. We are also currently under WORTH Partnership Project which is an incubator program supported by the European Commission under COSME.

UNCOLOUR ink tests on large scale printed textiles at Lottozero textile lab in Prato, Italy, the largest Italian textile manufacturing hub.


Colours from natural pigments: Indigo, marigold, safflower, pumpkin, lac

UNCOLOUR palette.jpeg

Colour Swatch Tests


Industrial rotary printing in Prato

Traditional Silkscreen printing


Colour Swatch Tests


Indigo pigments from Sodhani Biotech

Beetroot pigment from EXBERRY

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